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Property Management & Rental Office

200 East Summit Street Kent, OH 44240

Phone: 330-677-4722

Fax: 330-677-4730


All of our residential leases are 12 month leases

All of our leases require a security deposit equal to one months rent

NO PETS allowed

We do require you view the unit prior to placing an application

To apply, there is a $30 application fee

* See Our Rental Policy at the bottom of this page


A = Apartment
D = Duplex
H = House
C = Condo
T = Townhome
EFF = Efficiency

G = Gas
E = Electric
W = Water
T = Trash
P = Propane
H = Heat

Residential Rentals available as of 8/15/2017

AddressSizeMonthy RentPlus UtilitiesAdditional Info
846 S. Diamond Street, Apt# 4, 5, 7, 9, 13 and 16 - Ravenna1BD-A510.00EStove/fridge, Quiet location, On-site Coin-op Laundry, No PMHA, No Pets
329 E. Main Street, Lower/Rear - Ravenna1 or 2BD -A600.00G/E/Wstove/fridge, first floor unit, no pets/smoking/PMHA, water split between tenants
224 Walnut Street - Ravenna2BD-A710.00G/EStove/Fridge, washer/dryer, No PMHA
247 1/2 W. Main Street #2 & #6 - Ravenna1BD-A550.00All Incl.Stove/fridge, upstairs, PMHA Accepted, No Pets (All utilities incl exc. cable, internet, phone)
529 E Main Street Apt. C-21 (Green Acres) - Ravenna2BD-A+675.00EStove/Fridge, A/C, Pool, coin-op laundry, No PMHA, No pets
529 E Main Street Apt S-1 (Green Acres) - Ravenna1BD-A595.00EStove/Fridge, A/C, Pool, coin-op laundry, No PMHA, No pets
210 S. Walnut Street, Apt. #305 - Ravenna2BD-A695.00EStove/Fridge, A/C window unit, coin-op laundry every floor, no pets, no PMHA, Free Wifi
135 Cherry St. Apt #12 - Kent1BD-A495.00G/EStove/Fridge, Coin-op laundry on site, No PMHA, No Pets
845 Lock St. South - Kent1BD-A465.00G/EStove/Fridge, No PMHA, No Pets
1046 Munroe Falls - Kent1BD-A400.00G/E/W/TStove/Fridge, No Pets, PMHA Approved
433 Main St. Unit #206 - Ravenna2BD-A550.00EStove/Fridge, No PMHA, No Pets, Coin-on laundry on site
254 West Elm #4 - Kent2BD-A630.00G/E/W/TStove/Fridge, No Pets, No PMHA
6597 High St. - Kent1BD-H550.00G/EStove/Fridge, No Pets, No PMHA
210 S. Walnut Street Apt #105 - Ravenna1BD-A595.00EStove/Fridge, A/C window unit, coin-op laundry every floor, no pets, no PMHA, Free Wifi
708 Paulus Drive - Kent3BD-D1525.00All Incl.Stove/Fridge, 2 Bath, Central Air, Hardwood Floors, Backyard Area, Updated Kitchen
Office Rental AddressMonthy RentPlus UtilitiesAdditional Info
240 S. Walnut Street A, Ravenna800.00G,E837 sq. ft. prime office space. Three private offices, a reception area and restrooms.
240 S. Chestnut Street C, Ravenna635.00G,E620 sq. ft. prime office space. Two private offices, a reception/wait area and restrooms.

Rental Policy:

  • Income from Employment – Minimum of One Year Employment Status
  • Minimum of 43% of Gross Income to Monthly Rent
  • Income from another source (SSI, SSDI, Child Support, etc.) require verification documents
  • Credit Check does apply – No late payments or collections
  • No Evictions in a court of law
  • No Felony convictions

In the event income, employment and credit requirements are not met, we may still consider you as an applicant if supplying a qualified co-signer:

  • Credit Check – No late payments or collections
  • Must show sufficient income to cover their expenses and the rental expense of the applicant

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